Website Development

Internet resources became effective tools for business promotion long ago. It is possible to raise sales level or promote a personal brand with the help of an online presence. But since every company offers different products, each of them needs to be presented in a different way. Therefore, while developing a website many factors are taken into account: from the specificity of the product promoted to the type of web pages and design together with corporate identity.

In addition to the development of the web resource, it requires regular support, maintenance, and management. Attention to each aspect ensures the stability of the website’s performance. All these things allow the web resource to adjust to the needs of consumers and the company itself.

brocker site-01

Website types for brokers

Brokerage requires a certain approach, as it offers a potential client not a ready-done product or service but an opportunity to invest finances profitably. That’s why two types of Internet resources are most often used for brokers namely landing page and corporate portal.

Landing page – is an Internet platform where only key information is provided to “catch” a potential client. But the purpose of a one-page website is not only to attract attention but also to inspire customers to take certain actions (to open an account, to invest, to make a purchase, etc.).

It is worth noting that the landing page is not a multifunctional one. It is suitable for advertising one specific product. Promotion of another available item or service will require a separate-standing site. Therefore, for companies with a wide range of services, it is better to choose a multi-page option.

The corporate page should be cross-functional. Several sections can be placed there, namely:

  • corporate data (about the company, the history of development, goals, and concept);
  • list of offers and catalog of products or services;
  • section of news and corporate blog;
  • customer support section;
  • section with articles on supplementary information;
  • client area (account menu, special offers for authorized users, etc).

A corporate web resource is also developed for business promotion, as it can provide the client with complete, actual, and clear information about the offers. One of the most complex items while creating such pages – is to choose the correct visual design. It should be:

  • intuitive, so that a person does not get confused in the content;
  • user-friendly and simple to make the page quickly downloaded;
  • consistent with the style of the organization.

Also, do not forget to regularly update the material for visitors to see the current offers.

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Identity and logo

Identity is a set of visual elements that accompany and customize the products. It makes such essential things as goods, advertising booklets, promotion products, logo, emails branded, noticeable, and one-of-a-kind.

The development of unique design is an opportunity to stand out among competitors. When a business hits the market, customers need to somehow identify the goods among other similar companies.

Identity starts with the analytical research of the direction in which the company works. The corporate objectives and ideas are taken into account as well. Identity should complement the general picture and highlight notable features of the project. The visual design evokes certain associations among the customers, that is why colors, font, logo shape, and other identity elements should be combined in harmony. Main marketing rules should be taken into consideration to achieve the necessary results.

First of all, you should think over the logo and consider its several features:

  • visibility;
  • remarkable visual design, associated with the company itself;
  • harmony identity elements to create one perfect composition (font, color, shape, emblem size);
  • logo proportions to fit advertising media.

Brand book writing is also a part of identity development. A brand book is an official document that prescribes the concept of the company, attributes, rules of employees’ behavior in communicating with customers, and other information relating to the enterprise.

Website design-01

Website design

To make web resources extremely efficient on the promotion of the company, we pay attention not only to the technical characteristics of the website when the development stage takes place. Appearance is the first thing people pay attention to. That is why corporate design is necessary to create prestige and high-level status. A digital platform is also a kind of business card of the organization, as well as, for example, an office, so the design must correspond to the website content. 

The right design serves for:      

  • attracting and retaining customer’s attention;
  • sales growth;
  • maintaining the image of the company;
  • promotion of a business;
  • ability to deliver specific information to the users, acquaint them with services.

The well-thought interface of the web page can positively affect the level of sales. To do this, specialists use suitable graphic elements, design the text for greater readability, select the color scheme, place user-friendly buttons and blocks, etc.            

While selling goods online, one of the objectives of a corporate landing page is to inspire trust, interest, and demonstrate the benefit. Therefore, if a commercial resource looks careless, then users are unlikely to reach the final action (purchase, order a service).

Website management-01

Website management

The Internet platform is developing together with the company itself. So, the more range of services, the more information can be found on the web resource. As everyone knows, information becomes out of date and it must be replaced by the latest one. To ensure effective and trouble-free content management, the CMS is used, i.e. a tool for creating and editing web page content.

CMS affords an opportunity to structure data, having put it in a definite order. CMS gives an opportunity to edit information, categorize it, assort, etc. Besides mentioned-above features, the system obtains the following functions:

  • consolidation of internal and external databases;
  • employee interaction – a huge number of specialists often work on content editing, so CMS is used to make teamwork routine absolutely convenient;
  • processing materials of different format (text, image, audio, video files, etc.);
  • storage and publication of content.

This technical solution also allows page testing and early troubleshooting of resource functioning. Based on the needs of the client, we select the most appropriate system among a great variety of existing variants. And if the tasks are specific, we will offer the development of a system with individual configuration.

Website maintenance-01

Website maintenance

Even when you have already created a web resource, decided on the corporate style, design, and content of pages, it is not enough for stable work. During the action period of your website, qualitative tech support is required. The website maintenance service is necessary for many reasons such as:

  • preventing hacker attacks;
  • stabilization at a high load (for example, when there is a large flow of users);
  • checking the connection to the hosting services;
  • identification and fixation of errors (order execution, user registration, etc.);
  • antivirus checking;
  • updating of program modules;
  • 24-hour monitoring of the stability rate;
  • data backup, recovery from technical failures.

Apart from technical support, the help desk should be available for users.  Additionally, the following aspects should be always up-to-date: filling the portal, creating visual content (banners, posters), adding items to the product catalog, etc.

Our company provides a full range of the above services. We offer a personal approach to each client. Our team makes a specialty out of website development, content, and support of the digital project we have created.