CRM and Back-Office
Our company is well aware of our clients’ needs. For years, we’ve been working on improving and upgrading our system, which combines CRM (customer relationship management system) and Back-Office (operational and accounting system). We decided to combine these two systems from the very beginning. This allowed us to create a unified and seamless system that reduces the interaction time between different company departments and increases the brokerage firm’s efficiency.

For an investor

Keeping up-to-date on the current state of affairs is extremely important for a business owner. That’s why we created the start screen, which displays all the necessary information, such as active trades, balance, percentage of sales, statistics on deposits and withdrawals, total profit, and much more. The placement of information widgets can be configured by simply dragging and dropping units.

Financial reports and KPIs of the sales department can be viewed separately to get an idea of how effective the department is as a whole and each employee individually. In addition to sales, there are separate statistics on the successful retention of customers.

We have paid a lot of attention to data security in the system. The client base, open and closed deals, the balance amounts, everything is under our protection and your control.



When assuming the CEO role in a brokerage company, you should divide all employees into departments with different tasks and rights. For this purpose, the system offers the option of creating different roles for employees, indicating different personal or group rights to access the system’s functional modules.

The system provides general and detailed sales reports basing on which you can adjust your marketing strategy. Keeping track of all interactions between managers and customers will allow you to evaluate managers’ effectiveness and compliance with the company’s rules. Your employees will only see the information you allow them to see.

Upon customers’ requests, we created a sales board to track managers’ successes through their clients’ actions. It provides real-time notifications of new deposits and client successes, indicating the name of their personal manager.


For a professional trader

For better customer service, brokerage companies hire a professional trader, so then, based on the copy-trading principle, novice traders can connect to his trades to observe the trading system as a whole, gain experience and enjoy the sweet taste of victory.

For a trader to join a professional’s trades, he needs to submit an application, which the expert trader must approve. This allows controlling the transactions’ scale and following different trading strategies by distributing attached traders into groups.

Detailed statistics on all involved traders and transactions in their accounts allow you to assess the prospects of strategies and manage risks.


For partners

Experts in attracting customers into a business are an important part of any company’s marketing strategy, not just a brokerage one. We created a separate account, the functionality of which corresponds to the purposes of affiliate programs.

Using this account, a partner can create a special code to be used in the application/registration forms on his advertising platforms (websites, social networks, ads banners) to keep track of the clients he has attracted to the broker.

Furthermore, the affiliate can monitor the statistics of attracted clients, specifically about their deposits, to understand the effectiveness of his attraction channels. To adapt to the partners’ business processes, we developed a multifunctional API, which will register all customer events in third-party CRM systems.


For managers

A personal manager is the first person your client meets. The interaction with him affects customers’ impressions of your company and its service. To make this contact easier for the client and more efficient for the manager, we have developed several tools.

Access to the full history of customer transactions and his interactions with the manager is a required feature of any CRM system. Giving bonuses and credits to traders will provide additional control over the volume of sales. The client verification system will allow you to adhere to the KYC and AML principles, crucial in the brokerage business.

A convenient real-time notification system allows you to avoid missing any important points in your work with the client. Such events as outgoing balances, top-ups, successes, or losses will allow you to stay on top of important matters that require a quick response. Moreover, an online chat will highlight the client-oriented approach since chats have become an integral part of doing business nowadays.