Engagement of New Clients

The main stimulus of successful trading is its participants. You cannot build an unbroken chain from product to consumer without a well-designed scheme to increase customer engagement. You may wish to consider the main marketing strategies that you need to choose with a focus on your consumer. These conceptions are built on word of mouth, partners, affiliates, loyalty programs, bonuses, and social trading.

Competitor analysis-01

Analysis of the marketing strategy competitors use

Without analyzing competitors, you cannot build an executive plan. A competent analysis helps to identify working patterns of demand increasing. Our company will help you make an accurate and comprehensive analysis of your marketing strategy and select the main tools to increase the loyalty rate. 

The scheme is developed individually, taking into account client-centricity. The goal is to reduce costs and losses. The main tool is the well-thought executive plan that the company will follow to increase conversions.

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The list of engagement methods that work

There are several options for attracting new customers to your project. These engagement methods are built on the use of the Internet or without it. 

Media outreach through the Internet

This is the most productive method. We suggest referring to several popular sources:

  • contextual advertising;  
  • corporate website creation;
  • development of individual blogs on popular digital platforms;  
  • email newsletters to provide clients with offers and news;  
  • searching for a potential consumer in social networks;  
  • development of a video channel;  
  • placement of pop-up advertisements on thematic websites.

You can choose one or more strategies depending on the committed marketing budget. The more streams through the Internet are involved, the higher the performance is observed.

Conversion increase through mass media channels

The mass media sources also remain the leading marketing tool. Advertising through the media channels brings good results but requires large financial investments. You can advertise your company on television, radio, or through the print press.

Participation in events

Direct communication brings colossal results. The consumer trusts more if he gets the opportunity not to “hear”, but to “feel” the product. To reach a wider audience, it is necessary to choose events that correspond to the topic of your project. These are exhibitions, promotional campaigns, tenders, presentations, summits, and conferences.

Outdoor advertising (External ad media)

The classic way to promote your line of activities is outdoor advertising. The more often a trader’s name flashes at a potential client, the more he is remembered. When searching, he will think back about a broker who sprinkled on banners every day on the way from home to work and the external and media billboards next to your potential consumer’s favorite cafe.

Engagement through partners & affiliates

Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective ways to increase loyalty without a large financial investment. Partners unobtrusively, in the mainstream of a friendly conversation, talk about trading. This way you get already hot buyers. In fact, this is word of mouth, but with great outreach.

At first glance, finding a partner seems like a simple deal. In fact, finding your affiliate who will bring high conversions is not so easy. Partners or affiliates use sites, blogs, social media sources. When choosing a partner, you need to look at the traffiс volume and the target audience.

The credibility of the company advertised by the affiliate arises automatically. There is no need to waste time on an additional “warming up” of new consumers since they are ready to take/try the product.

Lead management

Lead management is an important stage in business promotion. You can increase conversions through influencers and niche bloggers. The audience trusts the opinion leaders and automatically transfers their trust to the advertised product.

To successfully promote a trading business through leads, it is necessary to create an attractive shell that the opinion leader will present to the audience. It should be a concise and meaningful presentation for a couple of minutes, from which the consumer will be informed about the benefits. You can pitch your trading idea in terms of bonuses, special offers, and benefits.

Another way to draw attention to your project and brokerage activities is loyalty programs. You can do it subtly by sending an offer to participate in the bonus program by email. The newsletter will not go unnoticed if there has already been an interest in trading.

Leverage is an opportunity to borrow from a broker to increase income from deposits. The investor discovers new positions using borrowed funds which are then returned to the broker.

Dealing clients-01

Dealing with first-time clients and their retention

To attract and retain an audience, you need to develop your bonus program, social trading, or offer online training. Online training is a great marketing tool. The opportunity to learn something new without leaving home is a tempting prospect for people who do not have free time. The first lessons should be provided free of charge.

Bonuses and attractive goodies like promo codes, discounts, and so on increase loyalty several times, since the installation is subconsciously triggered – they donate, which means they do not want to cheat or cash in. Bonuses can be presented through affiliates, email newsletters, online advertising. It will not be superfluous to arrange sales days from time to time with selective discounts. Tell about them on thematic Internet sites.

You can find your method of trading platform promotion only after a comprehensive analysis of the competitors’ market. If you do not know how to do this, please contact our company. Experienced marketers will develop an individual strategy, select efficient software products, and develop a program to implement conversion tools.