Any company needs stable telephone communication. Laying a standard line is too expensive, especially if more than one number is necessary. You have to drill holes, install the cable, so it means that extra costs are required. Our company offers a more rational option – VoIP. With its help, you’ll not only get a full connection to any number quantity but also reduce the cost of calls.

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What is it and how does it work?

VoIP is used for making calls without using PBX (Private Branch Exchange). Instead of a standard telephone network, it uses the Internet and a remote VoIP server that makes a connection. A hands-free set that is connected to a computer can be used as the main device for communication provision. You can also use a telephone connected to a network or PC. 

There are different numbers at your disposal. It is allowed to use both standard SIM cards, which are in a special device, and virtual numbers which can be either mobile or landline phone numbers. Signal transmission is carried out both through fiber-optic cable and through a standard wire, which provides installation of VoIP on any lines. Routers and gateways are installed to amplify and stabilize the signal.

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Advantages of VoIP

There are a lot of advantages of such telephone communications which make it more convenient as compared to standard telephone lines:

  1. The price of long-distance and international calls is much lower. The more calls managers make, the more significant the savings are.
  2. High-quality signal. If the line is reliable, there are no distortions, no sound delays. All malfunctions are excluded.  
  3. Due to the use of network and wireless equipment, it is not necessary to install additional cable in the offices.
  4. Talks within the VoIP network are free. This is important for companies with many structural departments, constantly interacting with each other.
  5. Our staff will help synchronize any communication devices for the smooth operation of the virtual PBX.
  6. High transmission speed. Data exchange is simplified, there is no problem to set up a conference call with video support.
  7. There is an opportunity to scale and add new features. Technical support of our company will consult on all issues and help to introduce new services in a short period.
  8. VoIP is connected to a CRM-system. Receiving a call from a number specified in the database, a contact card with all the necessary data about the client will be displayed on the managers’ screen.
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Your managers and the new communication level

Your managers don’t have to adapt to new terms of work, nothing will change. It is even vice versa, the process will be simplified. The peculiarities are as follows: 

  1. To answer the call managers don’t have to be at their desk, they can do it at any place where there is an internet connection. Nowadays, it is very convenient because many people work remotely.  
  2. Calls through your internal intercommunication line are free so that no money will be spent when working remotely. This is important when communicating with warehouses, production units, and company-wide facilities, etc. All the departments are always in touch.
  3. It is possible to combine offices into one network so that calls are distributed to the managers who are ready to receive them. The shorter the waiting time, the fewer customers are lost. The distribution of calls is adjusted due to the region; the technical possibilities become wider as well.   
  4. If you decide to open a subsidiary in another city or country, you can get a telephone number at any place. Customers are not aware of the employee’s location who can be thousands of kilometers away while calling.  

The necessary equipment

To use VoIP, you must have a hands-free set connected to a computer with special software installed. But you may also need the following tech items:

  1. A special phone that is connected to a computer or directly to an Internet line. You can also use an ordinary phone, which is connected through a special adapter or router.
  2. SIP-gateway is a device in which SIM cards are inserted to convert calls from one type of communication to another. It can be designed for a different number of cards, so you should select it by the required quantity of slots.

SIP-gateway can be purchased, but it is easier to rent it, then you save costs and time on its setting and maintenance. The PBX itself is located on a remote server, so nothing else will be needed.       

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The choice of the Internet provider, several communication channels

Our company will provide you with unbroken telephone communications. For this, you need a stable Internet connection without any speed drop. It is worth choosing a provider that supplies stable Internet speed and has a good reputation. If there is a network interruption, the telephony and the quality of calls will suffer as well.

You can choose the number of channels at your discretion. You can add them at any time, the system is scalable if necessary. There is no need to install additional equipment or wires, as with a classical telephone line. You can create a call-center within 1 day – there are no restrictions on the channels of communication for the client.

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Software setup

We will set up the telephone network for you within one day. The technical support staff will help with all arising questions and will do most of the work through the web interface. You don’t have to come to the office, that simplifies and speeds up the process.

There is an on-site configuration of telephone equipment. You will receive detailed instructions with illustrations, which will help you to quickly deal with the device of the system. You can contact technical support on all issues that will arise if necessary.

“Volta-Tech” offers stable and inexpensive VoIP, which will help to reduce communication costs and ensure the interaction of all departments, even if they are located in different countries.