The Volta-Tech trading platform provides everything you need for easy and professional trading on currencies market and CFD contracts. We have incorporated all the best practices and tools into our platform, polishing it with testimonials and suggestions given by our customers, so we are sure that our product is one of the best on the market.

Having just a working product is not enough in the 21st century. Automation of many processes and focus on customer needs rule the roost of modern life. Our platform reflects all of this. It is evident not only in its user-friendliness, speed, and functionality but also in the flexibility of its customization and the expansion of new functionalities.



The evolution of modern technologies has pushed to the back burner the necessity of downloading heavy software to the computer and dealing with its configuration. Everyone uses the browser, and its features are getting more extensive every day. That’s why we chose it as a doorway to the world of trading. Besides being user-friendly and cross-platform, it also allows the customer to access all the latest updates and innovations instantly.

We also kept up with the already common trend of making the design of trading tools adaptable to smartphone screens. You won’t feel any difference, much less any inconvenience when using the platform from your smartphone. All it takes is access to any browser, and you’re already in the world of trading.

To avoid confusion in the multiple browser tabs, we also created a mobile app for the Android OS, which has the same interface as the adapted browser version so that you won’t feel any difference between them. Mobility without losing a bit of functionality!


UX-design and functionality

Every trader handles plenty of data when performing his activities. All this information must be available right in front of the trader’s eyes; any flicker between the windows can be confusing. That’s why our platform has a multi-unit design, where all the elements are thought out to the last detail.

First, let’s take a look at the center horizontal line; there are three units here. Asset unit is used to select a currency pair or an asset. In the center of the screen, there is a chart unit of currency pairs and asset fluctuations, which covers a lot of space on the screen since the decision on the deal type depends on its analysis as well as on the accuracy when displaying prices. There is a switch for chart type along with many tools for marker creation: line, bar, and candlestick. The next is the sales unit, where the trader specifies the lot size and chooses the game type, i.e., to move price either downward or upward.

Below the central line there is information about open, pending and closed deals. Transaction time, selected pair, direction, PIP, swap and other indicators will provide significant usefulness in order to consider and analyze past experience in the future.

Above the central line, there is a unit of trader’s accounts (since you can create as many of them as you want); in this unit, you can see the balance, profits, credit funds, etc. More on top, the top-up button, and the account settings button allow you to create an account, withdraw your winnings, apply to the verification center, and much more. There you can also find access to a chat with a personal manager.

At the request of traders trading at any time of day, we also added a light and dark platform design, so you can easily select an appropriate contrast between the monitor and the environment by clicking a special button.

It will be interesting for a broker to know that our platform is based on the White Label concept, so you can use your corporate identity and logo in the design.



Earnings derived from fluctuations of currency pairs have already become common, but you should consider other opportunities to get the maximum profit from the market conditions. Upon request of our clients, many types of assets can be traded on our platform. Along with currency pairs and cryptocurrencies, it is possible to trade metals, stocks, and indices.

Since the currencies market is growing as fast as computer processors’ performance, new niches appear, and they will certainly attract other people. One of such niches is social trading. Briefly, it’s another way to make a profit; the only difference is that you don’t need to trade yourself, but you simply copy successful traders’ strategies. The level of traders’ success can be seen in special statistics, provided, of course, that the trader would agree to share his success with the rest of the players. Joining a more experienced colleague’s strategy, you gain profit without being guided by the market, but solely by statistics of different traders’ success, thereby saving your time.

Copy-trading, which is a type of social trading, is also available. The difference is that in social trading, you interact with traders like you. On the other hand, in copy-trading, you can outsource your account to a professional dealer who has been trading on the currencies market for many years. The dealer doesn’t manage your account personally, but only mediately. Once the trader opens a transaction on his own, such a deal will be immediately opened for all those who have entrusted the trader their accounts. Thus, the dealer is always interested in winning since he risks his own money.



Information technology is more vulnerable when compared to industrial facilities, for example. This vulnerability is the flip side of the power, namely, interacting with the system from anywhere globally where there is an Internet connection. Besides protection against violations of the software system operation, it is necessary to consider the inability to access confidential and valuable information.

Our experts devote extra attention to our trading platform’s details since no feature can be considered less important.

All-time platform availability affects the overall customer experience and market competitiveness. If the platform is unavailable and traders may be in different time zones, the brokerage company can expect financial and reputational losses.

The causes of hang-ups and failures may vary, starting from network hacking and ending with hardware failures. To avoid this, it is necessary to be well aware of the intricacies of both the software system and the equipment configuration. In addition to duplicating equipment, following the example of duplicating systems in the aircraft industry, it’s essential to perform data backups. We use cloud infrastructure, which guarantees a high level of system fault tolerance and data safety.



The multi-account system has proven itself for working with different trading strategies. A trader can create an unlimited number of accounts, distribute his balance between them, and make deals only from the selected account.

The proverb “Keep all your eggs in one basket” has never been so easy to implement! Developing a new strategy and concluding deals by it, the trader doesn’t risk his whole balance, but only the amount deposited on the selected account.

Integration with different payment systems makes deposits and withdrawals easy and comfortable for clients all over the world. We are experienced in setting up not only popular payment aggregators but also more specific ones. No matter what country clients are in – they won’t face any obstacles to start their career in the world of trading.



Any software product needs both informational and technical support. Informational support includes consulting on working with the platform, its features, internal logic. Technical support covers the optimization of speed and usability and the fixing of detected delays, errors, and bugs, caused by the hardware or third-party integrations, liquidity providers, and payment systems.

Support is provided both via the ticket system and by phone consultation. We make every effort to iron out any problem in the shortest possible time. After all, in the fast-paced financial world, every second matters, every zero after the decimal point.