The popularity of brokers mainly depends on the convenience of account replenishing and money withdrawal. Technical failures, an insufficient number of payment methods, and other problems will result in the loss of users. To prevent this scenario, our company will help you to set up the processing center, as well as give several other advantages for your business.

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Peculiarities of processing with brokers

Processing is a complicated system where everything must be well-organized. The most common problem traders face is an issue with a replenishment of the account. It is associated with heavy workloads at the gateway or technical failures. In order not to lose a client, our company recommends making all possible payment methods available. If a trader cannot use one, he can immediately choose another option.

While making processing it is necessary to take into account the following items:

  • Customer internationality. Each country has its laws, so it should be considered when setting up the processing center. Also, do not forget that working with foreigners you will need to use multi-currency accounts.             
  • Difficulties of cooperation with the banking structures. Banks refuse to cooperate with such companies due to the high risk of fraud and frequent cancellation of transactions. Additionally, banks make a thorough inspection of brokerage clients, charge inflated interest, and provide some other requirements.
  • Protection against fraud. To reduce the risk of transactions on other people’s cards and accounts, it is better to cooperate with a trusted payment intermediary. Such companies monitor each transaction, block dubious users, and have its anti-fraud platform.             
  • Credentials security. Companies that make transactions with bank cards are required to obtain a special international certificate.
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Our processing center and payment systems

Processing should be done via a reliable provider to avoid possible risks. Our company offers a range of services to help secure and speed up payments: 

  • bank card transfers;
  • money deposit and withdrawal to electronic wallets;
  • online banking and crypto-currency;
  • cash deposit to the account via terminal networks;
  • mobile transactions.

The full operation of a broker is impossible without these options. Our company acts as a single payment aggregator. From the broker’s side, it is necessary to make a contract and discuss details with employees. Payment is made through a single soft gateway. This procedure facilitates the process of depositing and withdrawing money for the trader and helps the client to be instantly engaged in trading, as well as increases the competitiveness of the business.

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Guarantee of processing stability and no-delay payments

Our payment platform is reliable and secure. We have technical support that works without breaks and weekends. This helps to accept and withdraw money around the clock and reduces the risk of various problems with payments. The only thing our staff can’t guarantee is the availability of a continuous internet connection from a trader. 

When a single aggregator is connected, a broker may accept payment by various methods, including foreign currency. There are clear rules in our company. Payments to a bank account, card, electronic wallets are made without delay.